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White Lion RetreatDreaming with the white lions retreat

6th to the 10th of May 2020

The Experience:

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been postponed to 5-9 May 2021. Please see contact details below for further details.

Be one of eight mature participants to join this tranquil dream appreciation retreat in the Timbavati, heartland of the Sacred White Lions. Through silent meditation with the White Lions, at dawn and dusk (from the safety of a vehicle), we hope to facilitate a deep awareness and understanding of waking and sleeping dreams. This is achieved through a felt resonance with Nature as an extension of our highest Self, or what Jung referred to as the archetype of the Self. The symbolic language of dreams opens a gateway to our own higher consciousness as well as the consciousness of animals and plants and the lessons to be learned from them.

The destination:

The Global White Lion Protection Trust (GWLPT), initiated by Lion Sangoma, Linda Tucker is located at Tsau! in the Timbavati, adjacent to the Kruger National Park. The white lion sanctuary, which form part of a scientific project led by lion ecologist Jason Turner, is not open to the general public and visits are by invitation only. The project is dedicated to the restoration of the White Lion to its natural endemic habitat (see

The Time:

The retreat is scheduled for four nights, 6th to the 10th of May 2020.

The Cost:

The total cost is R10 950 per person for four nights sharing. (The White Lion Trust has given us a special 30% accommodation discount). The fee includes a nominal R750 facilitation fee. Waking dream group discussion sessions, comfortable yet basic shared accommodation, three delicious meals per day and twice-daily visits to the lions in field vehicles are included. Travel costs to the Timbavati are your own responsibility.


Make your travel arrangements once you have secured a place. Fly directly to Hoedspruit (Eastgate Airport) where you will be collected. This is a very expensive option! Alternatively, fly to Johannesburg and take the shuttle which is a much more reasonable travel option. Tsau! is 5.5 hours drive from Johannesburg. GWLPT have an arrangement with Ashton Tours  for transport from Johannesburg. Recommended travel consultant: Margot Speed

The Facilitators:

Denise Grobbelaar, Jungian Analyst (group process leader) and Jeanine Beukes, clinical psychologist (logistics) have studied under Graham Saayman (an honorary member of the South African association for Jungian Analysts) for more than 6 years to gain a better understanding of the symbolic language of dreams and have developed a group approach to dream appreciation.

For further details and reservations:

Please email Denise Grobbelaar at or send a sms or Whatsapp to her on 084 243 3648. A non-refundable 50% booking deposit is required on acceptance to join the group. Book before the end of October to secure your place.

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