C G Jung Centre, Cape Town

NPO Reg # 197-888

Conditions of Associate Professional Membership of SAAJA

1. Associate Professional Membership of SAAJA is available to all those registered with the HPCSA to practice psychotherapy, and who meet the requirements set out below. These criteria may be changed by SAAJA when deemed appropriate.

2. The Associate Professional Members Group (APMG) will run 45hrs of seminars/workshops/lectures/group supervision/ per year. This is understood to be achieved in approximately 9 meetings per year. Attendance at 7 of these meetings is necessary to maintain membership of the APMG, that is, 35 hours per calendar year.

3. Presentations to the APMG will be given by either APMG members, Jungian Oriented Psychotherapists, SAAJA members or IAAP members. The annual programme will be negotiated with SAAJA.

4. To facilitate new members joining the proposed APMG, the prospective group will form a three person admissions committee who would interview and select APM candidate members (CMs), who will serve a six month probation period. After which time the Admissions Committee will decide, in consultation with SAAJA, whether the CMs continue in the programme.

5. SAAJA will liaise with the APMG to create a suitable introductory reading list for those CMs who have little reading background in the field of Analytical Psychology.

6. CMs would be required to undertake 20hrs of supervision, with SAAJA members, over the course of their two year initiation period. This will involve a minimum of 5, and a maximum of 10hrs, with any one analyst. This can be achieved either face to face, by Skype, telephone or any other electronic media that includes audio.

7. Attendance at Mantis week will not be mandatory for membership of the APMG, although recommended. Where an APM, who attends Mantis week plans to present material from the Mantis week seminars to the APMG, it is suggested that the Mantis Week Presenter(s) be first invited to present the seminar/s.

8. Should they decline the invitation, their permission to present a summary of their seminars needs to be obtained. The presenter can also be approached and asked if she/he would be willing to provide material from their presentations to facilitate this process.

9. Annual membership fees payable to SAAJA, for all APMs, will be fixed at 20% of full SAAJA membership fees. This is separate from group membership fees which cover running costs of the group etc. For example in 2014, the fee payable to SAAJA would be R750.

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