C G Jung Centre, Cape Town

NPO Reg # 197-888

Provisional Training programme 2015-18: outline of topics to be covered
Please note: This is a provisional outline, and is subject to change as we seek to improve the curriculum and respond to analysts’ and trainees’ interests.

2015: First Year

First training weekend: Historical overview of analytical psychology within the context of depth psychology
Second training weekend: Introduction to Structure of the psyche with a focus on Ego-complex, Self as archetype and typology
Third training weekend: The Child Archetype
Fourth training weekend: Structure of psyche: the opposites such as ego and shadow, mother and father, animus and anima
Fifth training weekend: Jung’s approach to psychotherapy including transference and counter-transference
Sixth training weekend: The dynamic of the psyche: the pattern of individuation in dreams based in case material

2016: Second Year

First training weekend: Fairytales
Second training weekend: Psychopathology and its effect on the structure of the psyche
Third training weekend: Developmental Perspectives on Analytical Psychology
Fourth training weekend: Individuation in Adult development
Fifth training weekend: Typology, Logos and Eros principles as these present in relationships
Sixth training weekend: Current context: analytical psychology in South Africa

2017: Third Year

First training weekend: Contemporary depth psychology and analytical psychology
Second training weekend: Methods in analytical practice
Third Training weekend: Infant research and the implications for adult psychotherapy
Fourth training weekend: The Cultural Complex and symbols in clinical work
Fifth training weekend: Jung and the Mythological tradition in clinical work
Sixth training weekend: Jung, Spirituality and Ecology

2018: Fourth Year

First training weekend: Working with the symbolic manifestations of mother and father complexes/archetypes
Second training weekend: Neurobiology, Trauma and Jung in a South African context
Third training weekend: Contemporary views on gender, sexuality and the concepts of anima and animus
Fourth training weekend: Alchemy, symbols and dreams
Fifth training weekend: Wholeness, creativity and play
Sixth training weekend: Revisiting main concepts, termination issues in clinical practice