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Jung and Film - February

15 February: Maleficent (2014)

image2The film's story is an example of what The Guardian's film critic Peter Bradshaw calls "that emerging post-'Wicked' genre, the revisionist-backstory fairytale," but it's affecting. It has a primordial edge that the clumsy filmmaking can't blunt. There are moments in "Maleficent" that are profoundly disturbing, in the way that ancient myths and Grimm fairy tales are disturbing. They strike to the heart of human experience and create the kinds of memories that young children—young girls particularly—will obsess over, because on some level they'll know, even without the benefit of adult experience, that the film is telling them a horrible sort of truth.

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Life Members:
Julian David, Gerwin Davis, Gill Mudie, Gerald Stonestreet, Carole Abramovitz

Honorary Members:
Jean Albert, Carl von Aardt, Gloria Gearing, Gary May, Renos Papadopoulos, Ian Player, Glenda Raad, Patrick Ross, Graham Saayman, Vanessa Saayman

Executive Committee:
John Gosling (President), Fred Borchardt (Vice President), --------------- (Treasurer), Grace Reid (Secretary), Ester Haumann (Memeber W/O Portfoliio)

Finance Committe
Patrick Tummon, Fred Borchardt, Rod Anderson,

Assessment & Review Committee:
Sheila Cowburn (Chairperson), Sheila Cowburn, Rod Anderson, Stephen Bloch,Philiippa Colinese

Curriculum Committee:
Ester Haumann (Chairperson), Fernand Schaub, Rene Ramsden, Peter Reid, Suzan Hojdar

Library Committee:
Patrick Tummon (Chairperson), Debra West (Librarian), Jean Albert, Stephen Bloch, Ester Haumann

Public Program Committee:
Dain Peters (Chairperson), Gill Mudie, Penny Busetto, Johan Hugo

Ethics Committee:
 Rod Anderson (Rotating Chairperson), Stephen Bloch , Astrid Berg

Gauteng Development Group:
Fernand Schaub

Dain Peters, Leslie Zimmerman, Marian Campbell, Philippa Colinese, Penny Busetto, Deon van Zyl, Ralph Goodman

Dain Peters, Grace Reid, Fred Borchardt

Administrative Officer:
Lynda Blanchard


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